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A home like a Hotel

Lioz Lisbon Hotel Apartments is a building that has lived and testified many layers of time of Lisbon’s life, preserving its charm, identity, and history, evolving at the pace of the city and balancing its rhythm at the will of each person. Located in the historic center of Lisbon with an open view to the ever-present Tagus River, today it is a development consisting of thirteen 4-star apartments, completely refurbished, with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, all of them benefiting of an exclusive hotel service.

Lioz honors the city and its best traditions, adding a layer of comfort and contemporaneity. It is from this historic tribute that the name ‘Lioz’ emerges, the timeless stone on which much of the Portuguese capital has been built and founded for several generations.

Lioz Lisboa
Lioz Lisboa
Lioz Lisboa
Lioz Lisboa
Lioz Lisboa
Lioz Lisboa
Lioz Lisboa
Lioz Lisboa

Because in an increasingly volatile, accelerated, and uncertain world, the idea that some things won’t change brings tranquility and security of enormous value. And this is a building that has resisted and preserved time – several times. Everything that could and should evolve is also evident in the sophistication of the choices made throughout the architectural project and associated services. With the most amazing and wide open view of the river, Lioz Lisbon Hotel Apartments investors’ will benefit from its ultimate location and its business model, as a set of apartments with an exclusive hotel service.

Designed to last

Being one of the most searched cities for tourism, whether long or short, Lisbon is increasingly an immediate and profitable investment for those who want to see and live further afield.

And Lioz was designed and tailored for pragmatic investors who appreciate the value of one-of-a-kind product, meant to last a lifetime. On the first line of one of the capitals with the highest growth and highest demand worldwide, in a privileged location, and a view of the river that overflows into every window, Lioz is a solid, reliable and scalable investment that resists the erosion of time. Projects like this are in increasing demand in Lisbon, with an average annual occupancy rate of over 70%, and the opportunity to invest in Golden Visa is another prerogative to future owners.

Global features

Amazing Evolution Partnership

Amazing Evolution Partnership

Managed by a leading tourism operator, the existing properties require almost zero effort from their buyers, since the rental and maintenance program are fully managed by this solid, renowned and credible entity, with sustained experience in the exploration and management of the hotel business, making these apartments not only a real estate product but also high-yield finance one.





Life at the right place and pace


Portugal stands out as one of today’s most sought-after destinations, thanks to its unique blend of the Portuguese climate, geographical distinctiveness, rich historical heritage, and timeless charm.

These factors, added to a well-known art of well receiving and heartwarming welcoming of its people, make it an enticing haven for nomads seeking a fulfilling experience, as well as individuals in search of a place to call home. The country effortlessly combines a cosmopolitan atmosphere with a distinct way of life, creating a magnetic allure that positions tourism as a significant driving force behind Portugal’s economic growth.

Life at the right place and pace


Lisbon, with its vibrant rhythm and timeless endurance, encompasses the past, present, and future in a captivating brew.

This highly-demanded European capital and one of the world’s safest cities effortlessly weaves together delightful old quarters and avant-garde architecture, creating a cityscape rich in beautiful contrasts. From its vibrant cultural scenes to the charm of its old boroughs, Lisbon showcases a harmonious coexistence of tradition and innovation, where small businesses and international brands cohabit and its location serves as the hub, offering a unique fusion of worlds, desires, and identities.

Life at the right place and pace

Campo das Cebolas

A place and a millenary square where you can feel the ellipses of time in a Lisbon that never stops moving.

You can still hear the frantic hubbub of the old Ribeira Market, you can still see the endless arrivals and departures that took place at Cais de Santarém, you can still feel the weight of history and the lightness of a landscape that is born every day in a place where everything happens. Here the Tagus River is always lurking, stretching out freely and perpetually, and this Lisbon with its feet in the water will always be the Lisbon with the best view in town.

Lioz Lisboa Lioz Lisboa Lioz Lisboa

Main Global Features



Where time stands still

All these exquisite apartments have things in common. Although they vary between studio to 3 bedroom, they’re all bathed with Lisbon’s finest light. They all stand in the middle of an endless patient river. They’re all built above historic layers of the city and under fine contemporary architectural details, finished and filled with majestic design. And one thing they all share is that, like each one of us, they’re all unique, they all have their own distinct identity. None is like another as this building is unlike any other.

apartments Lioz Lisboa apartments Lioz Lisboa

available units

Unit Typology Building Interior Area Exterior Area status floorplan
11 T1 Rio 58,2 sqm 16 sqm Available download
12 T1 Rio 104 sqm 6,3 sqm Sold download
21 T1 Rio 62,3 sqm - Sold download
22 T1+1 Rio 101,8 sqm - Sold download
31 T1 Duplex Patio 100,3 sqm - Sold download
32 T1 (accessible) Patio 42,2 sqm - Sold download
33 Studio Largo 56,2 sqm - Sold download
41 T1 Rio 62 sqm - Sold download
42 T2 Rio 101,1 sqm - Available download
51 T2 Largo 125,4 sqm - Available download
61 T2 Duplex Rio 103,7 sqm 6,4 sqm Sold download
62 T2+1 Duplex Rio 165,8 sqm 11,9 sqm Sold download
71 T2 Largo 92 sqm 6,6 sqm Sold download
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